Saturday, February 25, 2012


While not a particularly busy day, I've had a lot of thoughts I'd like to share about some things I've been reading, watching, looking at. Firstly, I finally watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was pretty good. I don't know while people say it's boring. Certainly had a lot of drama and lots to say about the man/machine relationship. Which is my favorite. I liked HAL as much as I did the human characters, (He was only trying to be a good computer.)

Secondly, I went to the library and got out about 20 graphic novels, including the entire Marvel Civil War and a  load of others. The librarian who helped me was a nice woman, obviously a comic fan. She knew what was new and good and helped me find stuff based on which heroes I liked. (No luck with Spider-Man though...a lot was checked out, or I had read.) I'm really enjoying The Fantastic Four right now, which is weird because I didn't enjoy them as a kid. And they had bad movies. I really like the family dynamic though. And the narration is good.

Thirdly, I think next time I'll post some movie reviews or maybe something more culture or sci-fi related: Man vs. Machine. I've had a lot to think about on that. So, it's not often I do casual updates, but expect more; until then I'll keep looking for art in the disability community....if it can be said there is one. Another favorite theme of mine. I found a lot in Berkley, and one conference on disability & poetry in Columbus.

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  1. I for one would love to hear more casual updates like movie reviews. You've got some great ideas in your essays, but you've got a great sense of humor too!