Monday, April 16, 2012

Shatner's World

Yesterday, I went to a performance of Shatner's World: We Just Live In It at the Columbus Theater in Ohio. How was it? First off, this is an hour-long monologue about Shatner's career. (William Shatner, Capt. Kirk, Denny Crane, Priceline Negotiator etc.) I can't really say much except that he's everything pop culture has trained us to believe he is. He's funny, he's a ham, and he's a great public speaker. I noticed a few times where he started to flub his lines, but carried on like nothing happened. He started with his childhood, and then went up to 2011; with funny anecdotes in-between. From Shakespearean actor to pop culture icon.
    The meet-and-greet was short, and I had to be home by 9pm to meet an aide, but he did say "hi" to me, and we take a picture (With me, still starstruck, not looking at the camera, but they said it turned out okay.) It was a great performance. And now, I can say I've met Captain Kirk!!! And got his autograph. I brought a Star Trek book for him to sign, but they only let him sign event posters, which I suppose is a good move. Hearing him greet me actually, was really cool. He was friendly. His staff, not so much. They told everyone to keep it short and not tell Mr. Shatner your life story...which is a good move, but still a little off-putting. I mean, for me, I just got in, got the autograph, they took the picture, and I got out. Everyone gave him compliments and he acted surprised and said "Oh my!" with that Captain Kirk smile. At least what I can only describe as a Captain Kirk smile. I told him thank you, and he said thank you, and that was the meet-and-greet. He has a very friendly sort of uncle-like presence off-stage. (Avuncular, good word!)
    My favorite  story was that on  the day they landed on the moon, a kid showed up at Shatner's hotel room and asked him if he missed his spaceship. And then, Shatner played Star Trek with the kid, pretending that the stove was navigation and the shower was the transporter. And that's how remembers the moon landing. Not to ruin that part of the performance, but it's still funny when you see him pantomiming all this.

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