Monday, August 13, 2012

Star Trek Tribute Plans

This is a list of episodes that deal with disability in Star Trek. Starting tomorrow, I’ll review each one and discuss it. It’s a Star Trek Tribute. Disability…the final frontier. These are the writings of The blog Through Alien Eyes! Her ongoing mission: to seek out new disabilities events and new narrative experiences…to boldly go where no able body has gone before! (Cue any Trek theme except ENT.)
Where to start? The library of course! Please support public libraries!

Star Trek TOS:

1. The Managerie Pt. 1 (Spock attempts to return Captain Pike to the banned planet Talos IV.) 1x15
2. The Managerie Pt. 2 (Captain Pike telepathically regains his body on Talos IV.) 1x16
3. Is There In Truth No Beauty? (A blind telepath steers Enterprise out of a cosmic barrier.) 3x7

Star Trek TNG:

1. Loud as a Whisper (A deaf negotiator comes abroad the Enterprise.) 2x5
2. The Loss (Deanna Troi loses her empathic powers.) 4x10
3. The Masterpiece Society (Enterprise pollutes a “genetically perfect society”, but Geordi saves it.) 5x13

Star Trek DS9:

1. Melora (Physically disabled crewmember joins the astrophysics team; falls for Dr. Bashir.) 2x3
2. Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (Deals with Dr. Bashir’s hidden mental disabilities.) 5x16
3. Statistical Probabilities (Dr. Bashir helps a group of people with mental disabilities.) 6x9