Friday, September 7, 2012



Super Early Preview: Come experience the ReelAbilities Film Festival with me in Columbus! Whether you’re disabled in any way or not, come join VSA Ohio and I as we explore the inner world of disability through film in theatres throughout Columbus! The single greatest thing that film has to offer, in my mind, is that you can pour out personal experiences, images, and souls right onto the screen! And where else can one find such a passionate expression of disability art? Why, only with VSA Ohio and the ReelAbilities Festival in Columbus!

Do you wish you could talk about, or just share your experiences with others? Do you want to see a personal perspective of disability? Well, fear not! The ReelAbilities Festival will feature discussions after each of the films. ReelAbilities will have nine movies playing throughout the week of Nov. 3-7. Each theater will have some fantastic films playing, which are ALL made from the viewpoint of disability culture and lifestyles. Most have disabled directors! Why, I’m popping out of my power chair just writing about it! Yes folks, if you’ve ever felt the burning desire to create AUTHENTIC meaning of a disability experience, or just let your mind take you into it: then you won’t want to miss this chance to make your mark! But, don’t take my word for it: See the awesome international lineup of films, as proof disability culture knows no bounds!

Sunday, November 3 @ Columbus Museum of art
Warrior Champions - documentary, US & China

Saturday, November 4 @ arena GRAND THEATRE
Shameless: The Art of Disability - documentary, Canada
Ben X - drama, Belgium

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5 @ osu urban arts space

Crooked Beauty - documentary, USA
Among the Giants - documentary, USA

White Balance - drama, Israel
My Spectacular Theater - drama, China

Praying with Lior - documentary, USA

Special People - comedy, UK

And as if that weren’t enough: I’ll be reviewing the films I can get to on this blog! VSA is trying to get the directors and maybe even the movie’s own actors involved! (For US releases.) I cannot stress enough that this is a rare opportunity to express ART WITH DISABILITY through film! As a person with a disability myself, I strive to create lasting monuments to my life experience that go BEYOND THE PUBLIC PERCEPTION. There is only one word to describe this opportunity to be represented and have fun: Amazing! I welcome everybody to come and see this.

Why, I’ve given out many Save-The-Dates myself at OSU, and I plan on going to a few films. It promises to be fun and spectacular! If you love art, you’ve got no better place! Just look at the range of venues and countries up there! This is simply too big to miss. I hope to see you there! And remember: That’s ReelAbilities, a festival about real abilities! Able-bodied or not, you have to be there to see these films!    

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  1. As an encouraging mum, if I can say so myself, I had a nice time recently with my two kids to decorate their room in our new house that we just moved into. There were lots of the children's art work, made at home and school, that we happily put on the wall.
    Then we spent time together sitting in front of the iMac and looked through the big collection of digital images that had for their customers to select from and have printed as canvas prints. The kids together chose this painting for their room, Ivan Horse by Edmund Dulac,, that we ordered online to have delivered to our new house.