Tuesday, March 6, 2012

VSA Day of Arts for All

Well, two days ago was the real thing! I'm going to go over some of my favorites. So many people of all different ages, abilities, and backgrounds were present. But here are my Top 3, even though I wasn't the one giving awards. I discovered most of my favorites consisted of mixed media, but that must just come from my Comm & Media Studies background. I like seeing how diverse objects come together to form an artistic creation. Anyway, here they are!

Louis Feruito Medina, OH. "Green Day". Pencil. Author of the Super Hero Pet Series. 7th Grade. Check out his art at Foo-foos.com. For such a young guy, he's got enormous talent. Louis won 2nd place in the Youth Artist category for this cool pencil replica of a Green Day band photograph.

Theresa Strodtman Cincinnati, OH "American Flag". Tissue paper. I loved the colors in this one and how the tissue was shaped to form an American flag. Theresa has a kidney disease and uses her passion in art to get her through the toughest of days, which is inspiring.

James O’Dor. Norwalk. OH. "Run-Away". Glass horse. This art was so beautiful and nuanced that I couldn't tell it was glass and ceramics at first. The bronze colors really added a layer, pardon the pun, of realism. James believes that art is the best way to express his creative spirit. I agree!

You know, it was really an honor to be invited, and my thanks to everyone involved.


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