Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 and Other Updates

Halloween 2012 and Other Updates:

I went as Iron Man to the Halloween Party at OSU’s German House this year. There were many strange costumes and many who didn’t dress up at all. A gorilla, a wizard, a guy representing the color Plaid. Counting me, there were about 11 students. When I arrived, I was greeted by a guy dressed as Bill Nye, and a girl in a 1920s flapper dress was making spiced cider. Apparently, I was about an hour early. A Polish girl hastily threw on a Venom hoodie, and claimed it as her costume. We spoke in hybrid English-German about Venom and the symbiote after some wise guy cracked: “Who are you, Spider-Man?”

Lukas the German was there, dressed as a hippie in a tie-dye shirt and beret. Or at least he claimed it as a costume. I saw this going on all throughout the party’s early prep stage. Then, a Frenchman showed up, as Harry Potter or something. That’s when the hybrid German-English really started. I finally met some of the OSU Handyvan coordinators who came to practice their German, as did Ken the Frenchman, and I. Hybrid seemed to be the language of choice.

I eyed the tables full of candy and (after it got going) proceeded to dump candy into the Iron Man mask until someone got me a bag. I had two slices of pizza, and Lukas guided me to a table I could get under since I didn’t have a tray. I’d say it was a successful Halloween. I left when they started watching Nosferatu; a Handyvan picked me up, and Bill Nye made sure I got on. Overall, I felt most comfortable once it started going. But, it almost didn’t happen.

I had dressed into my costume at about 2:30pm, then when someone came to help around 5:15pm, she informed me that I should’ve called ahead of time, she’d been driving all day, and didn’t want to go anywhere. This upset me, and I told her that it was only 3 minutes away, and I didn’t dress up for nothing. So, I called the Handyvan. It’s a really good service. It just upsets me that on Halloween Night, someone could’ve stopped me because they didn’t feel like driving. C’est ma vie! But, I went anyway, because I didn’t dress up for nothing.

Also, speaking of a Marvel Halloween costume, I spent most last month on Netflix watching the old X-men cartoon series 1992-1996; and yes, Iron Man. (1994-1995) Since I already did a Marvel theme a while ago, my next posts will be on apocolyptic depictions of the future, some of which were shown in X-men. And to keep the sci-fi theme going, I will also include the Terminator series as well as George Orwell’s classic 1984, to add a book review. I will add others as I think of them. While sci-fi shows us the benefits of the man-machine relationship for which I am grateful, it showcases the horror of that relationship as well…I realize I’m behind a month for horror, but it’s what I’ve been doing.

As we start off Sci-fi Horror Week, I think I’ll review Terminator (the whole movie series) first, as it close to my heart. I’ll post reviews of the ReelAbilities Festival as I see the movies! Nov 3-7. For me, all my film tastes go back to disability, so it will be fun to see! Stay tuned!


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