Friday, July 12, 2013

Beware The Batman: Thoughts and Previews


“To those that would hurt the innocent. I give you this one warning: Beware my wrath.”

- Beware The Batman teaser clip

    Beware The Batman premieres tomorrow on Cartoon Network as part of the channel’s DC Nation Saturday morning cartoon series. I thought I’d record some of my initial thoughts and expectations here. I was initially excited that the series will be based on Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin run. But that for me raises a really big question: how the heck do you do that for a kid’s cartoon, being that Professor Pyg rips peoples’ faces off, and surgically replaces them with doll faces!?
    To be frank, I think the answer is they won’t change much beyond the names of the villains. Mr. Anarky is basically Joker. I predict Magpie will be a replacement Catwoman. Guess who Tobias Whale is a template for? Ugh…the one development I am happy to see is that Alfred will be more action-oriented, and an ex-MI6 agent. That would be like if James Bond was butler to Batman! And that sounds cool! Though I have to be honest, I’m leery about the show being CGI. It worked for Green Lantern though.
        I don’t have high expectations for the series. 3D animation notwithstanding. I got a preview comic on my iPad. It was okay. It introduces Alfred, Tobias Whale, and Mr. Anarky. I wonder how Professor Pyg will come in. Will it have The Red Hood? Being that the violence is toned down, and it’s 3D, and a kid’s show, how much action can they show! But, Batman is always good!
    I’ll probably be watching in the spirit of reserved hope. Maybe I’ll like this new one. Grant Morrison sure did some awesome Batman comics! How will they translate to CN? I’m excited to know! I just hope the villains aren’t just mockups of the originals! Plus, it’s always disappointing not to hear Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman. Beware the Batman? Or just don’t watch? We’ll see! Stay tuned!

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