Monday, January 27, 2014

Ohayocon 2014

Yesterday I went to Ohayocon. My friends took me directly to the comic store. I bought an Iron Man graphic novel for $5. Sundays are the cheapest because they’re trying to sell everything. I saw some strange toys. Who wants to play as Whirlwind in an Iron Man set? Collectors, I suppose. The funniest toy I saw was an Invisible Woman action figure. I guess if you wanted to play as her without powers. Anyway, a friend bought Japanese chocolates and then we headed out.

Once we were on the main floor, I of course took time to take in the costumes. I’m growing used to the sight of big animal costumes, and the sheer  number of Doctor Whos. I was lucky enough to be recognized by all of these groups. And of course, I always see some cat girls who have wheelchairs, which is nice. I mean, the accessibility is nice. And the costumes. And before I left some girl told me: “I just have to say…your outfit…is amazing!” Which is always nice. It’s part of why I go. To share in the fandom.

Granted, I ran over two people accidentally, but its really crowded on those dealer floors. I couldn’t (or rather my friends and I…) couldn’t find any artists doing superhero prints. I got a Full Metal Alchemist wall scroll though, which looks really nice, and that’s one of my favorite animes. All the rest of the artists seemed to do more girly animes, or zombies. But, I still got my wall scroll! A friend said he could swend me some DVDs later, so I didn’t have to worry about my budget…still kind of disappointed to get no superhero prints, though. But, my friend also gave me a 3D-printed Green Lantern ring as a parting gift: win-win!

That’s why I like cons. Such nice people, and such weird stuff to see! Where else can you see two dudes just hanging out in Kryptonian armor, and eat Japanese chocolate? (Well, Japan maybe…but not both at once.) And as I went dressed as the 4th Doctor, I never got tired of hearing “Hello, Doctor!” or “Hey, look, it’s The Doctor!” There were dozens of Doctors, so that was really special when someone pointed me out of all of them. I love going to cons because I don’t feel disabled when I go…and I think I’m getting the hang of coordinating these trips with friends. Just stay with the group…try not to run people over. But, hey, it happens.

Really, the only thing I didn’t like about the con was the crowdedness. But, that really can’t be helped. Also, even though I went on a day when things were cheap, things like DVDs and prints were still relatively expensive. But, I kept a reasonable budget. My friend Eric said he saw a man who came with thousands of dollars who bought out an entire booth of DVDs! Such was the craziness of Ohayocon 2014. But, I had a blast, and everyone was friendly!

I recommend going to Ohayocon especially for anyone with disabilities, because it’s such a positive experience to be around people who see you for the you…you want to be! And also, this trip wouldn’t have been possible had I not planned it out with my friends. So, I’m grateful that we went! I had a blast. I always do when I go to these things and see all this stuff I never would’ve otherwise. Great company! Good times! More pictures forthcoming!

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