Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beware The Batman Episode 3 Review "Tests"

Daedalus: “Down with creative oppression! This is justice!”

Batman: “No. I am justice!”

Episode 3 of Beware The Bat is a strong episode for Batman. Not really for the villian, Anarky. He’s basically re-hashing The Joker. And not doing so well. He calls his cronies artists instead of jokers. Heck, his moniker isn’t even mysterious. He is anarchy, Batman is order. He prides himself on being a force of chaos, but Batman proves that he isn’t just a force of order, but justice. He’s a lot more complex than he looks.

Katana Batman’s bodyguard also proved her worth in this episode, hence the name “Tests”. She passes Batman’s obstacles as well as Batman would, and tracks him down to Anarky’s location in the end. Anarky talks a big game as if he’s a big creative and illogical force, but Batman taunts him and tells him he’s being way too predictable which was exactly what I thought.

With the 3D animation, I thought Anarky looked sort of like he was clayamation. I get that he’s supposed to be in contrast to The Dark Knight, but this type of bright white does not look good in 3D. It was as if he was made of milk. Joker’s white face paint was at least subtle and a creepy subversion of a happy clown smile. Here we have a nearly featureless ghost character who shouts his own scheme.

Come to think of it, the plot even rips off The Dark Knight. Anarky’s artists Daedalus and Junkyard Dog rob a musuem to lure Batman out then plant bombs on some boats, and he must “choose” which boats to save. Not much to say here, except that where the episode shines is showing that Batman is a lot more logical and complex than he has been shown to be in the past. He isn’t just about revenge and order. He can improvise. So too, can Katana, who will no doubt uncover Bruce Wayne’s secret soon.

In conclusion, while it was a great episode for the heroes’ development, the villain was visually drab, an obvious copycat, and way too predictable for his namesake! Joker at least had some style! I kind of suspected that Anarky was a weak Joker substitute to begin with. But, here’s hoping the newer episodes will allow the villains to grow out of their cookie-cutter Batman motifs! I’ll catch up soon, I swear.

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