Monday, August 26, 2013

Matsuricon 2013

                                                     (Aaron and I pose in front of a Dalek!)  

                      (I encountered another 11th Doctor. He was nice enough to show me his screwdriver!)

Two days ago, I went to Matsuricon 2013 at The Regency Hyatt Hotel in Columbus, OH! It was fun, and I loved just going around looking at all the cool costumes. One of the things I like about Matsuricon is that everything is kind of weird, but in a good non-judgmental way. It really spoke to me artistically. This time I went with my brother and best friend. My brother was the 10th Doctor, I was the 4th Doctor, and my best friend was the 11th Doctor. All our costumes had the Doctor Who theme. All 3 of our nametags said “The Doctor” too, so that was cool.

Speaking of costumes, I met quite a few other Doctors as well, and took some pictures. We also played board and card games, and I bought a set of Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers. I saw quite a lot of people with disabilities too, and in fact got some pictures with them too. The good thing is that Cons are usually always accessible. Later on, I bought a DVD set of Gantz. Then, I bought a print from Full Metal Alchemist, which is a great anime.  

My brother wanted to check out the videogame section where they had a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament going on. So, we did that for a while, and then played one of our board games we rented in the board game room, a game called Pandemic. It’s a pretty cool game where you have to stop disease outbreaks cooperatively with each player being given a special role and special skills. I played the medic role. Recommended game!

Also, I met a lot of people who complimented my outfit, and let me take pictures. I think meeting people is probably the most fun. Plus, the cool souvenirs. The stuff that I see at cons is unlike anywhere else. Disability doesn’t matter. People are usually friendly, and you get to share your enthusiasm, and discover all kinds of neat people, toys, art, and games that you (likely) won’t see anywhere else!

I hope I get to go again! I always love going to cons! There is so much to do and see once you are there! I actually have more pictures, but I’m still waiting on some of them. Had a blast though! Hopefully, I’ll go to more cons as they come around! And meet cool people with and without disabilities! Stay tuned!

                                         Left to right: Aaron, brother, me. Note the cheese.

                                 (Me with another 4th Doctor! Screwing around with sonic screwdrivers!)

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  1. Huh, huh, Screwing around.. (..Think Beavis and Butthead)
    I am not a big board game person but the game you played sounds kinda cool.
    I know nothing of Doctor Who. (except it's been around a long time)
    Love the pictures!