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Beware The Batman Episode 4 “Safe” Review:

Beware The Batman Episode 4 “Safe” Review:

Dr. Burr: But I thought Wayne Manor was safe!

Katana: You are never safe.

Episode 4 of Beware The Batman (“Safe”) brings back The League of Assassins. Dr. Burr is attacked by ninjas after creating the ion cortex, a power source that Bruce Wayne plans to sell. After being attacked and the ninjas beaten by Katana/Batman, Dr. Burr and co. are sent to Wayne Manor for protection. But, as Katana warns Dr. Burr, just because Wayne Manor is safe doesn’t mean they are safe.

   This is a pretty good episode with an okay villain. It’s more about Katana and her connection to the League of Assassins than Batman. Although she learns to trust Batman despite his secretive nature because he fights with honor. He even saves Katana from Silver Monkey, one of the League of Assassins’ goons. The real villainess we never see. It’s her I’m most interested in.

Apparently not only is this villainess (Lady Shiva) interested in the ion cortex, but also Katana’s Soul Stealer sword. Also, they do that Inspector Gadget Dr. Claw thing where you never see Lady Shiva, so it adds to the mystery. Also there’s a silly plot point where Dr. Burr acts as comic relief and fawns over Katana. (Whose clan name “Katana” we actually hear in this episode, instead of Tatsu Yamashiro.)

   A pretty good action-oriented episode. Not too much detective work, since they spend the majority defending themselves. But, good to see Katana fight alongside Batman, and gain her trust. The episode could set up a lot of possibilities. Will we learn why The League of Assassins wants the Soul Stealer sword?

Or the ion cortex? I’m probably most excited for a possible return of Ra’s Al Ghul, who may still be the head of the League of Assassins in this version. Or it may be Lady Shiva! Still, in the midst of all these obscure “re-skinned” villains from Grant Morrison’s rogue gallery, it’s nice to see a familiar cornerstone of the Batman Universe like The League of Assassins! Solid episode…I give it an A! Can’t wait for more.

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